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  • Philosophy

    Our philosophy is to provide a new educational program for at-risk youth who have experienced significant difficulty with the present educational curriculum and environment. Enrollees in this school receive an individualized graduation plan to meet their unique needs. Please review our Mission Statement for a more thorough understanding of our philosophy. You will find our Mission Statement under the heading The Office.


    The goals of LaCrossroads are ultimately to provide at-risk youth the opportunity to earn a High School Diploma while developing employability and life skills. Individual student goals will be set by each student's Individual Graduation Plan.

    Measurable goals and objectives
  • structured and comprehensive educational setting that will lead to a high school diploma
  • instruction to strengthen academic skills necessary for school and vocational success
  • guidance to improve student behavior and attitude for better relations in school, community, and vocational settings
  • curriculum with application to real-world experience
  • school to work experiences
  • service learning through volunteer work
  • Target Population

    Grade 9-12 at-risk students who:
  • are significantly credit deficient
  • are in jeopardy of not earning a high school diploma
  • have truancy problems
  • display inappropriate classroom behavior
  • have academic skill deficiencies
  • Diploma Pathway

    An individualized graduation plan (IGP) will be devised for each student to guide him or her toward completion of a high school diploma.

    Admission Procedure

    Students can be referred by family, self, counselor, teacher, or administrator. A meeting is held with the students and family to explain the school. If interested, students fill out a behavioral contract and an admission application. Parents/guardian must sign these forms.

    Student applications are referred to the Regular Education Staffing Committee which consists of teachers, counselors, and administrators. The committee utilizes the following to make a determination:
  • School history of credits, attendance, and behavior
  • Personal commitment to change
  • Parental support of admission
  • School Administration approval of placement
  • Evaluation Process

    Students and staff developed the evaluation procedure for LaCrossroads. On a daily basis, students receive feedback from staff and peers about their ABC's: attitude, behavior, and completion of work. A student government provides student empowerment along with leadership training.

    Need More Information?

    To learn more about LaCrossroads, contact:

    Wally Gnewikow , Associate Principal
    LaCrossroads Logan Campus
    1500 Ranger Drive
    La Crosse, WI 54603
    (608) 789-7706

    Troy McDonald, Associate Principal
    LaCrossroads Central Campus
    1801 Losey Boulevard South
    La Crosse, WI 54601
    (608) 789-7900